English information

Opening Hours
Open  PM.7:30~PM12:00 (Monday is Closed on)
Live   PM8:00~PM10:45
Jam session on Sunday and Tuesday  PM7:30~PM11:00

Live Charge 2,600yen (Sometimes .charge is different from usually charge depends upon the Live)Jam Session On Tuseday is 2,900yen(1Drink included)
Jam Session On Sunday is 2,800yen(1Drink included)

Usually, two sets of performance.(You can through two sets)
Audiences can enter or exit anytime between 19:30 and 24:00.

Part of the menu
Draft Beer(Asahi)                                  700 yen
Black beer(Guinness)                             800 yen
Four Roses                                    s 700 yen  w900 yen
I.W. HARPER Gold Medal                    s 750 yen w1000 yen
Jack DANIEL                           s 800 yen w1050 yen
Ballantine's finest                        s 700 yen w900 yen
Cocktail                    750yen~
A Glass of Wine Red or white               700yen
Bottle    Wine                                    3、000 yen

Assorted Cheese                                 800 yen
Assorted Sausage                                  800 yen
Chicken-kara-age (deep-friedchicken)          800yen
Caesar salad                                       700 yenMixed 
Salad゙                                         700 yen

there is a menu of other more